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Commercial Power Wash

Pressure Cleaning

Graffiti removal is a specialized application of pressure cleaning, primarily aimed at eliminating unwanted graffiti and vandalism from public and private property.

What’s Included

Pressure Cleaning (Power Washing): Pressure cleaning, often referred to as power washing, is a versatile and efficient method of cleaning surfaces by utilizing the force of high-pressure water. It involves the following key components:

  • High-Pressure Water: A powerful water jet is generated through a specialized machine or equipment. The pressure can be adjusted according to the specific cleaning requirements and the type of surface being cleaned.

  • Cleaning Agents: In some cases, cleaning agents or detergents may be added to the water to enhance the cleaning process. These chemicals can help break down stubborn stains, grease, and grime.

  • Nozzles and Attachments: Different nozzles and attachments are used to control the angle and intensity of the water stream. These tools allow for precise cleaning on various surfaces.

  • Surfaces: Pressure cleaning is effective on a wide range of surfaces, including but not limited to buildings, driveways, decks, sidewalks, fences, vehicles, and outdoor furniture.

  • Cleaning Purposes: Pressure cleaning serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. It can remove dirt, mould, mildew, algae, grease, oil stains, and other contaminants from surfaces, restoring them to their original condition.

  • Environmental Considerations: It is essential to use eco-friendly detergents and adhere to environmental regulations when performing pressure cleaning to minimize the impact on the environment.

Graffiti Removal: Graffiti removal is a specialized service that falls under the umbrella of pressure cleaning. It specifically targets the eradication of graffiti and other forms of vandalism from surfaces, such as walls, signs, and public structures. Here is an overview of graffiti removal:

  • Cleaning Techniques: Graffiti removal typically involves using high-pressure water along with specific graffiti removal agents. These agents are designed to break down the paint or ink used in graffiti without damaging the underlying surface.

  • Surface Types: Graffiti can appear on a variety of surfaces, including brick walls, concrete, metal, glass, and wooden surfaces. Graffiti removal experts must select the appropriate cleaning technique and agents for each surface to avoid damage.

  • Safety Precautions: Safety measures are crucial when removing graffiti, as the cleaning agents and high-pressure equipment can pose risks to operators. Protective gear, proper ventilation, and safe disposal of waste are essential considerations.

  • Restorative Approach: Graffiti removal aims not only to eliminate the graffiti but also to restore the affected area to its original appearance. This may involve repainting or resurfacing, depending on the severity of the graffiti.

  • Preventive Measures: In addition to removal, property owners often implement preventive measures like anti-graffiti coatings to deter future vandalism.

Both pressure cleaning and graffiti removal services are valuable for maintaining the cleanliness, appearance, and longevity of various surfaces while also contributing to the beautification and preservation of urban environments. Professionals in these fields must possess the expertise and equipment necessary to carry out these tasks effectively and safely.

Our Current Clients

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I received a recommendation for Beyond Clean Solutions and decided to give them a try. I must say, Sandra demonstrated excellent communication and organizational skills when it came to managing the day-to-day cleaning tasks in my extremely Shopping Centre and other sites.

What impressed me even more was that their service extended beyond just cleaning; they also provided all the necessary consumables and sanitary supplies we needed. It's a comprehensive solution that made my life a lot easier.

Aramis Mainwaring



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